How to instantly Check your ESN / IMEI / MEID for free

In order to see how you can instantly check your IMEI, we must first establish the nature of this code. What is an IMEI, one may ask. Well, the answer is pretty simple. An IMEI code is a serial number most mobile phones have.

IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity and it is basically a common standard for all the mobile devices out there that makes them unique. This IMEI code is assigned by your phone’s manufacturer, not by your mobile carrier. What is the use of an IMEI code? All the information about your smartphone is stocked inside this code and along with the ESN, they are similar to a DNA code on the human body.

In order for those codes to be actually useful, you have to know how to access them. There are several ways you can do that, but only some of them are safe and precise. It is advised that before you purchase a smartphone from any vendor, you should first check the IMEI and ESN code of the device, so you can learn its full history and prevent buying a stolen phone. When a phone is stolen, the network provider automatically inserts the IMEI code into a blacklist.

The ESN code is also known as MEID code. If a phone has a bad ESN it mean the device is stolen.

Find out your IMEI / ESN code

To quickly find your ESN and IMEI code type #06# on your phone’s keyboard and immediately press the call button. A 15 digit numeric code will appear on your screen instantly. Also, you should know that this code is written down also on your battery. If you are a iPhone user, you can easily find your code by going to General and then hit About.

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